Please read the following statements to determine if scalp cooling is a good option for you.

1. I understand that the experience may involve pain or discomfort with cold, which typically diminishes within the first 30 minutes of treatment.

2. I understand there are special hair care/hair maintenance recommendations during treatment.

3. I understand that scheduling of treatment will depend on the availability of a DigniCap machine. I will need to have a cap fitting done prior to the first visit.

4. I understand that if I use this service there will be extra time (from 90 minutes to 3 hours) needed for my treatment chair time.

5. I understand that the goal of treatment with DigniCap is 50% hair loss or less. I am aware that shedding will occur and that the use of DigniCap will not completely prevent hair loss. Hair loss is variable from patient to patient.

6. I understand that insurance may not cover the cost of DigniCap treatments.

7. I have discussed the contraindications and warnings with the use of DigniCap with the provider and understand and agree to accept these risks.