Insurance coverage for scalp cooling is not yet standard in the United States, however DigniCap patients have submitted insurance claims and received reimbursement for treatment costs at varying levels since DigniCap received FDA clearance in 2015. Success with reimbursement varies depending on plan, coverage, and location. 

If you pay Dignitana directly, we are more than happy to provide you with a detailed invoice to submit to your insurance company. 

We will need some information to make this an invoice the insurance company will accept. 

Please provide:

1. Your full name and date of birth

2. The facility name where you received treatment

3. Insurance Company Name & Member ID

4. Your oncologist's name & NPI #.

5. Diagnosis code from your oncologist: 

         ICD codes on your claim form need to match your diagnosis exactly. 

        These will likely be in the range of:   0–C96.9 (Malignant neoplasm)

6.  Additional ICD diagnosis codes are:

     Z51.11 (Antineoplastic chemotherapy)

     L65.9 (Nonscarring hair loss unspecified, chemotherapy induced alopecia)

7. You may need to provide a CPT procedure or service code. There is not a unique CPT code for scalp cooling.  Suggested CPT codes are:

     E1399 (durable medical equipment)

     97039 (Constant attendance)

     A9273 (Ice cap, cold wrap or  pack)

     A9282 (Wig any type, Cranial/scalp prosthesis)

8. Dates of scalp cooling treatment that you paid for, so we can get them all on the invoice.

Once we receive this information we will create an invoice for you and send over a copy for you to submit to your insurance company.