While it is very generous of you to want to donate your DigniCap, the wrap and cap can not be used by more than one patient.

DigniCap Delta is FDA-cleared as a single patient cap - meaning the Cooling Wrap and Thermal Cap can legally only be used by one patient. This is because DigniCap is used in close contact with the body, directly exposed to germs and bodily fluids - think of it like a bandage. For that reason it is designated as a single patient item like many medical supplies, especially in light of enhanced hospital cleaning protocols due to COVID-19.

We are happy to recycle your Cooling Wrap and Thermal Cap for you. If you need a return label, please submit a ticket to the Patient Support Center and we will email you a label. 

If you have any unused DeltaCards for treatments, we will issue a credit for those when returned.