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Some of the confusion with insurance claims, denials, and out-of-network charges comes from the fact that your insurance company may think that Dignitana is a Provider. Dignitana is NOT a PROVIDER.  To ensure this is understood, please forward the attached letter to your insurance company with any claim to explain Dignitana’s role as a manufacturer (supplier) and not a provider.


Provider and Facility numbers and Out of Network

Dignitana is NOT a Provider. Dignitana does not have a National Provider Identification (NPI) number, Medicare Provider Number (CMS Certification Number or CCN), or Facility Identification Number (FIN).   Please forward the attached letter to your insurance company to explain that Dignitana is a manufacturer (supplier), not a provider.


Receipt for DigniCap

For a receipt for DigniCap supplies purchased from Dignitana, login at There you can use the invoice builder to create the needed documentation with the correct treatment dates for your insurance claim. If you are asked to add other information to the receipt beyond the fields listed on the form, use the blank box at the bottom of the form for that information.


Diagnosis Code

If your insurance company requests a Diagnosis Code, contact your Oncologist’s office. Dignitana does not know what your specific medical diagnosis is, and therefore cannot provide this information for your claim.


Procedure Code

The procedure code for your claim will likely be one (or both)  of these – depending on your insurance company’s preference: If your claim has been rejected using one of these codes, ask them about the other code before filing an appeal.

  • E1399 (Durable medical equipment)
  • A9273 (Ice cap, cold wrap or pack)


Tax ID number

Dignitana’s Tax ID number is 47-4817382



Dignitana cannot submit claims or documentation for you, but we may be able to help by answering questions from your Insurance company. You can have them email us at