Our contraindications and warnings say effectiveness has not been evaluated on patients who have had previous chemo.


That is more related to patients who recently had chemo and did not scalp cool, thus losing all their hair, and therefore the chemo damaged the follicles. 

  • If it has been over a year and there is at least a few inches of hair, and you want to try scalp cooling- go for it as you will most likely receive benefit from it. 
  • If it has been less than a year, but you still have at least a few inches of hair on the entirety of your scalp, you can try, but know that some of the follicles may still be damaged from before, so we cannot say how it will turn out in the end.  Will it help to protect the follicles this time around?  Yes, it will, but we don't know to what extent.
  • If you have used DigniCap previously and preserved the follicles … you can definitely use DigniCap again.