Staying away from any chemicals is best. 

Avoid harsh chemicals that can lead to dry hair, breakage, progressive hair thinning, and hair loss such as the following:

  • Peroxides for hair coloring
  • Perms to curl or straighten hair
  • Parabens (such a methylparaben and propylparaben) are chemicals that are used as preservatives
  • Sodium laurel sulfate is a foaming agent and will remove natural oils in the hair
  • Silicones that are used to tame or “de-frizz” the hair work by coating the hair strands.

Although we do not endorse any specific products, many patients have shared with us which products they have used, including those that meet the above criteria and that are produced by Aveeno, BeautyCounter, Daniel Field, Kenra, L'Oreal, Pantene, and Sojourn. 

Dignitana, the maker of The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System, has not conducted a study of the effectiveness of these products and cannot speak directly to their benefits.