Infusion Center staff have been trained on which Cooling Intensity should be used, based on a person's hair thickness and cold tolerability and they should make the final choice on which Cooling Intensity Level is used. 

All Cooling Intensity levels are within therapeutic range and will still have a positive effect on scalp cooling. We do recommend adjusting the levels based on hair thickness and cold tolerability.  If the hair is thin and you can see a bit of scalp, we recommend it to be slightly lower, meaning the temperature is slightly warmer, but still within therapeutic range.  If the hair is quite a bit thinner and you can see lots of scalp, we recommend it at the lowest intensity. 

The reason for adjusting the temperature is there is less hair between the Cooling Wrap and the scalp, which means there is a possibility of skin damage related to prolonged cooling of the skin.

If you have very little hair or shave your head, the infusion center may choose to discontinue scalp cooling, as there are risks associated with the increased possibility of skin damage.